The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “Between the creation of Prophet Adam(as) and the coming of the last hour, their will arise no matter more serious than the Dajjal.” [ Muslim]. Due to the severity of this turmoil, every Prophet from the first to the last warned and informed his people about, the Dajjal and his turmoil.  [Bukhari, Muslim]

Dajjal’s Donkey

1. Jabir bin Abdullah (ra) narrated. That Prophet (saw) while discussing about Dajjal said: And his donkey on which he will arrive, will have a span of 40 hands between his two ears.[Musnad Ahmad].

2.   Ibn Umr (ra) narrated: Prophet(saw) while discussing about Dajjal said: He will have a donkey whose span between two ears will be 40 Ba.[Kunzal Amaal].

3. Abu Hurrairah (ra) narrated that Prophet(saw) said: Dajjal will come on very white donkey.Whose span between two ears is 70 Ba. [Bihaqqi].

4. Prophet(saw) said, “The distance between the two ears of the Dajjal’s donkey will be 70 cubits” [Baihaqi, Meshkat].

5. Nawas(ra) bin So’man narrated that : Prophet(saw) said, “The Dajjal’s movement will be very fast. It will roam the sky like a cloud driven by wind.” [Muslim, Tirmizi].

6.   One of the companions asked,” O Allah’s Messenger, how fast will he travel? Thereupon he (saw) said,” like cloud driven by wind”. [Muslim,Tirmizi] . And in one Hadiths Hazoor SAW said about Dajjal that it will land on every water and ferry except Madinah and Makkah as Allah has prohibited these two cities for DAJJAL.

 Dajjal’s Eye

For more information http://www.islamiat-science.com/dajjal.html



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    assalamualikum bhai
    masha allah

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    What if Dajjal falls from its donkey?

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